Hogg Foundation Engagement Report

Message from Executive Director Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr.

The Hogg Foundation has long supported the mental health needs of the people of Texas, and we’re particularly proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last year—and what it means for our shared future. We took a good, hard look at our strategy and worked with stakeholders across Texas and beyond to consider the progress we’d like to see and our role in achieving it. Ultimately, we envision a future in which the people of Texas thrive in communities that support mental health and well-being.

Mental health is not solely an individual responsibility, but is also a product of community conditions. Working collaboratively, we can change the patterns of mental illness across Texas, especially for marginalized populations.

What We Do

We use a variety of approaches to create change, including grantmaking, capacity building, knowledge sharing, mobilizing community members and more.

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Shared Inquiry

We invest in collaborative research and dialogue to better understand what influences resilience, mental health and well-being in everyday life.

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Community Implementation

We support community efforts to build resilience and improve mental health in environments where people live, learn, work, pray and play.

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Policy Engagement

We inform state-level policy that affects resilience and mental health, and strengthen community involvement in local and regional policy processes.

Grant Initiatives

Between September 2016 and August 2017, we awarded $4,790,759 to 19 new grantees and managed a total of 78 active grants. We also awarded $151,000 in scholarships and fellowships to 30 recipients.

Improving Academic Achievement

Seven Texas nonprofits receive grants to improve academic achievement by ensuring that students get the mental health support they need to thrive.

Addressing Social Determinants of Mental Health

Texas medical schools receive grants for integrated health care programs that take a coordinated approach to address determinants of mental health.

Success Stories

Our grantees are improving mental health across Texas in outstanding ways.

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Integrating a Fragmented System of Care

Harris County Protective Services ensures children in state care are getting emotional, behavioral, developmental and trauma-related support.

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The Practice of Recovery

The American Psychiatric Nursing Associtation Texas Chapter is changing how nurses and other providers care for patients with mental health conditions.

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Changing Mental Health Policy in Texas

The Hogg Foundation Policy Academy and Fellows Program are increasing capacity and expertise to advance mental health policy in Texas.

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The Next Generation of Psychologists

Eight psychology internship programs received APA accreditation, helping to diversify and expand the behavioral health workforce.

Resources and Publications

To promote dialogue and learning, we publish a wide array of resources and publications related to mental health.

Circuit Riders for Mental Health

Read about the foundation’s history and role in the evolution of mental health services and reform in Texas.

Mental Health Guide

An educational and advocacy tool to identify challenges and opportunities inherent in the Texas behavioral health system.

Policy Priorities

Priorities range from peer services and workforce development to integrated health care and infrastructure.

Legislative Session Summary

Bills passed during the 85th Legislative Session addressed a wide range of behavioral health needs for Texans.


As of August 31, 2017, the foundation’s endowments had a book value of $72,999,058 and a market value of $181,024,368.

Pie chart of financials Foundation expenses from September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017.

Join Us

In addition to grantmaking, the foundation provides information, tools, news and resources so everyone can all play a role in transforming how communities promote mental health and well-being in everyday life.

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Special thanks to the Hogg Foundation National Advisory Council, The University of Texas at Austin Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, and our other community partners.