The following is an excerpt from our latest impact story. Stephany J. Bryan, Senior Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison for the Hogg Foundation, passed away on February 14, 2021. We celebrate her life, legacy, and the profound impact she has left on the Foundation and its grantees.   

A photo of Stephany J. BryanStephany J. Bryan (October 31, 1956 – February 14, 2021) dedicated her life to supporting and strengthening families and communities through advocacy, education, peer support, and collaboration. During her 13-year tenure as Senior Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison at the Hogg Foundation, Stephany touched the lives of colleagues and consumers, both personally and professionally, across many areas of mental health and recovery. Stephany was candid about her own recovery story and comfortable being vulnerable with just about everyone. Her spirit inspired others to be more unapologetic in their advocacy and authentic in their delivery of care and support. Looking back at the initiatives that Stephany worked on, the common thread weaving together these various programs is Stephany: her passion, her tenacity, her authenticity, and her ability to seamlessly connect with those around her, especially those who are struggling or experiencing inequities. The impact Stephany had on the lives of those around her, and the lives of those in the communities her efforts supported, may be impossible to capture, but a look back offers a glimpse of what it was like to know and work with the powerful and soulful Stephany J. Bryan.  

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