Transforming Mental Health Through Community

The Hogg Foundation envisions a future in which the people of Texas thrive in communities that support mental health and well-being. We believe it’s possible to transform how communities promote mental health in everyday life. We support research and learning, practice and implementation, and policy initiatives to achieve this vision.

Success Story

We’re looking back at the Ima Hogg Scholarships program. Established in 1956, the scholarship aims to strengthen the mental health workforce, with a special emphasis on social workers. 

Community-Led Collaborative

Having developed a robust and inclusive community collaborative that reflects a diverse and historically underrepresented population, Brooks County is finding ways to support and strengthen mental health and well-being.

Safe and Supportive Schools in Texas

The mental health and emotional impact of COVID-19 on our kids is evident: trauma, depression, substance use, and suicidal thoughts have all risen the last two years. There are strategies that can help create safe and supportive schools.

News and Announcements

Get news, insights and ideas related to our initiatives and the state of mental health in Texas.

Bridges, not Barriers

Bridges, not Barriers

Three different people share thoughts on replacing barriers with bridges for Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health.

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Public Policy

Through a variety of policy initiatives, the Hogg Foundation influences systemic change at the state and local level to improve the mental health and well-being of people across Texas.

Policy Priorities

These policy priorities represent mental health and substance use issues that we believe deserve the attention of policymakers and advocates.

Mental Health Guide

Navigating mental health systems and services in Texas can be daunting, even for the most informed advocates and policymakers.

Latest Policy Brief

Individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities often lack access to quality services and care despite increased risk of mental health conditions.


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