Into the Fold Podcast: Issues in Mental Health

Our podcast series is one of the ways we move from simply talking about our grantmaking to influencing dialogue and learning about mental health and well-being. Hosted by “Ike at the Mic,” our public affairs representative Ike Evans, the series captures the human implications of mental health and the factors that influence it, bringing you conversations with mental health experts, consumers, advocates, practitioners, researchers and community leaders from across Texas and beyond.

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Listener Question of the Month

We’re going to be producing an episode about children’s grief during the pandemic. We would love to hear from any listener who has a story to share about their experience of helping a child work through issues of grief or loss related to the illness or death of a parent or caregiver. In crafting your story, consider these questions:

  • What behavior changes in your child were most noticeable?
  • What was effective or decisive in helping you and your child move forward?
  • What struggles do you still have?
  • What can others learn from your experience?

 We will accept responses as either written testimonials or audio recordings. Selected responses will be read or played during an upcoming Into the Fold episode. You will be notified if your response is selected. Respondents are kept anonymous by default.

Send your response to If your audio file is too large to send via email, upload it to this Box folder. In such a case, you should still send an email so we know who you are. Thanks!


Recent Podcasts

A written synopsis is available for each podcast.

Gender Affirmation Can be Life and Death

In this episode of the podcast, an expert on adolescent development takes us through the challenging terrain of gender identity and sexuality, and what these mean for parent-adolescent relationships.

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Peer Leadership and Why it Matters

For this episode of our Into the Fold podcast, we spoke with two leaders of the mental health consumer movement in Texas. Between the two of them, they possess lifetimes of accumulated wisdom on mental health recovery.

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Why History?

In this episode of Into the Fold, we speak with Dr. Peniel Joseph, founding director of the LBJ School’s Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, on how history sheds important light on the material basis of well-being.

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Children in 2021

Check out this two-part exploration of how children are faring during the pandemic from the point of view of two Hogg Foundation grantees: Children’s Grief Center of El Paso and First3Years.

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Vaccine Equity and Disability Rights

Vaccination is a golden opportunity to address longstanding issues of equity and injustice. Our guest, Dr. Kara Ayers, is here to help us explore just how true that is for people with disabilities.

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Young and Invincible

On this episode of Into the Fold, we sit down with three people from Young Invincibles who are dedicated to amplifying the voices of youth and young adults to advance mental health policy work in Texas.

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