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Mental Health Headlines

Mental Health Headlines logo (square)Our curated weekly digest of mental health news from Texas and beyond. The Hogg Foundation communications team finds the mental health stories, news, and events then send them right to your inbox in one convenient email. We do the work, so you can stay informed on the mental health issues, news, and events of the week.

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African American man in libraryA bimonthly newsletter of the happenings right here at the foundation. We pull together our blog posts, podcasts, grant information, and other happenings from the foundation into an email and send it right to you.

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Into the Fold logo (square)Our podcast series, Into the Fold, is one of the ways we move from simply talking about our grantmaking to influencing dialogue and learning about mental health and well-being. When you subscribe, you get notified of our latest podcasts as they come out, or if you’re short on time, follow our YouTube series Three Things to Know. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud!

Funding Opportunities

Large group of people in colorful shirts forming the shape of Texas.The foundation builds capacity through planning, implementation, collaboration, and evaluation grants to eligible organizations and institutions. When we announce these new mental health funding opportunities, you’ll be notified as soon as they are announced, get informational meeting reminders, and deadline notices.

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Special NewsWhen we want to share additional news, insights and ideas related to our initiatives and the state of mental health in Texas, we send out special announcement notices. By subscribing and following us, you’ll get these stories before everyone else.

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