Who We Are

We envision a future in which all people in Texas thrive in communities that support mental health, achieve health equity and promote well-being.

“While we were interested in mental illness, our greatest interest was in the preventive side of the problem. I feel that the illness itself is a medical problem and the foundation should emphasize mental health while cooperating wherever possible.” – Ima Hogg

Vision, Mission and Values

Learn about the Hogg Foundation’s vision, mission, and values.

Hogg Foundation Staff

Supporting mental health and well-being for all Texans, with a focus on equity.

National Advisory Council

Provides guidance and expertise on the foundation’s strategy and key initiatives.

Division of Campus and Community Engagement

Strengthens the campus and community climate.

The Hogg Foundation’s Origins

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health was established in 1940. The original $2.5 million endowment came from the estate of Will C. Hogg. Upon his death, his sister Ima and his brother Mike established the Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene (the organization’s original name) in his memory.

Ima had a simple, yet profound vision of the kind of future she hoped the foundation would help bring into existence: To provide a “mental health program for the people of Texas.” Ima imagined a future in which people with mental health challenges would be treated with respect and dignity, and mental health would be seen as indivisible from all other aspects of a flourishing and healthy life.

Over the decades, Texas has made considerable progress in realizing that vision, in no small part thanks to the work the Hogg Foundation and its allies have accomplished. Learn more about our history.

Hogg family photo