Diverse group of people working and discussingThe Hogg Foundation is focusing on the following mental health and substance use issues as the 2019 Texas legislative session approaches. Our policy priorities provide context for policymakers as they work to strengthen the following key issue areas:

  • Telehealth Expansion  
  • First Episode Psychosis  
  • Intersection of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities  
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Funding
  • Mental Health in Schools  
  • Housing
  • Barriers to Accessing Substance Use Services
  • Public Health Approach to Substance Use Services
  • Population Health Disparities  
  • Child Welfare Services
  • Criminal Justice: Mental Health and Substance Use Diversion
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Peer Support Services
  • Mental Health Workforce Shortage 

For more info, contact Colleen Horton or Shannon Hoffman 


A Guide to Understanding Mental Health Systems and Services in Texas

The Mental Health Guide helps policymakers, advocates and consumers navigate systems and services.

Mental Health Parity: Your Rights and How to get Help

We know that when mental health care is accessible, people have better recovery outcomes. Mental health parity is one way to address barriers for people seeking care.

A state investment in early psychosis treatment would benefit patients — and Texas, too

Nationwide, about 100,000 young people experience psychosis each year. Psychosis is defined as a disruption in a person’s thoughts and perceptions that makes it difficult for them to realize what is real and what isn’t.

Raising the Voices of Individuals with IDD

Earlier this year, National Public Radio aired a five-part series on the “hidden epidemic of sexual assault” against individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders (IDD), for whom the prevalence of sexual assault is seven times greater.