Advancing Mental Health in Texas

The Hogg Foundation invests in mental health programs, research, policy and public education to further our mission of transforming how communities promote mental health in everyday life. These success stories demonstrate the foundation’s role in advancing community mental health programs across Texas.

Success Stories

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Inclusion in Faith Circles Through Mental Health Education

For years, Eugenia sought the right kind of support for her eldest son Greg who has special needs. It’s a struggle African Americans living in rural Texas know all too well. Often, in lieu of clinical sources of aid, African Americans turn to spiritual advisors and circles instead. At God’s Way Christian Baptist Church, Eugenia and her son found both. Learn more

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Cultivating the Next Generation of Psychologists

While completion of a doctoral internship is required for students training to become licensed psychologists, shortages in available positions delay licensure and impede the expansion and retention of a quality behavioral health workforce. In an effort to expand and diversify opportunities, the Hogg Foundation funded the development and accreditation of eight internship programs across Texas. Learn more

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Changing Mental Health Policy in Texas

When an organization’s capacity for working on mental health policy issues increases, the needs and voices of Texans living with mental illness have a greater impact on policymaking. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the resources or expertise to tackle mental health policy issues head on. The Hogg Foundation Policy Academy and Fellows Program are increasing capacity and expertise to advance mental health policy in Texas. Learn more

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The Practice of Recovery

For many years, individuals who were identified as having a mental illness were merely “treated” with no hope of a better life. However, there has been a shift from a medical model of treatment to recovery-oriented care. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association Texas Chapter is integrating and promoting recovery among organizations throughout Texas. Learn more

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Integrating a Fragmented System of Care

As the first agency to offer integrated health care to children in state custody, Harris County Protective Services is well poised to educate others on model implementation and to spearhead the evolution of the integrated health care model so that it can serve the unique needs of child populations. Learn more

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Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System

What happens when someone with behavioral health conditions is released from jail? The story of reentry highlights issues in the Texas criminal justice system. Via Hope is helping people with mental illness re-enter the community with support from trained Peer Specialists and Certified Recovery Coaches. Learn more

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Peer Support for Young Adults

Youth who experience trauma and abuse are often poorly served by their communities. They may be seen as troublemakers when, in reality, they’re showing behavioral symptoms of their experiences. Houston Health Department is training and finding meaningful work for young peers, and enabling youth with mental health conditions to lead more successful lives. Learn more

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Healthy Educators for Healthy Kids

Addressing the mental health needs of students can be challenging for teachers and faculty who may be excellent educators, but have little training in adolescent mental health or trauma. Through their trauma-informed approach to behaviors in schools, Vida Clinic has established a campus-based mental health system that includes individualized, confidential, solution-focused services for teachers. Learn more

Scholarship and Fellowship Awardees

The Hogg Foundation offers graduate-level scholarships and fellowships. The Ima Hogg Scholarships in Mental Health, Harry E. and Bernice M. Moore Fellowship for Doctoral Research, and Frances Fowler Wallace Memorial for Mental Health Dissertation Award fund continued education and research on mental health issues. Learn more

Recent Awardees

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