Mental Health Guide

Navigating mental health systems and services in Texas can be a daunting prospect for even the most informed advocates and policymakers. This guide serves as a powerful educational and advocacy tool to help identify challenges and opportunities inherent in the Texas behavioral health system.


Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

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Insufficient access to mental health treatment, supports and services remains one of the most pressing policy issues in Texas. This guide provides an overview of the behavioral health care delivery system and the services provided under various state agencies that are funded in full or in part with state appropriations. Read more

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The Texas Environment

The past legislative session yielded both successes and lost opportunities for individuals with mental health and substance use conditions. In 2015, the Office of Mental Health Coordination recognized 54 cross-agency mental health initiatives spanning 18 state agencies. In this section, important areas of Texas behavioral health systems are highlighted. Read more

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National Context

A national paradigm shift is underway to transform behavioral health delivery systems with an increased focus on recovery, wellness and self-directed care. This section focuses on select bills and issues that are being discussed or implemented at the national level and have a direct impact on systems and services in Texas. Read more

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Public Behavioral Health Services in Texas

The Texas Health and Human Services system is undergoing major transformations. This section includes the new HHS organizational structure and program alignment in place as of October 1, 2016. It also includes an overview of other state agencies and programs that provide behavioral health services, including juvenile and criminal justice agencies, school districts and the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Veterans Commission. Read more

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This section includes a list of figures, acronyms, additional resources, advisory committees, and a glossary of commonly used behavioral health terms. Download

2016 Mental Health Guide