New Voices Showcase: A Compilation

New Voices Showcase: A Compilation (PDF)

In 2022, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health launched the New Voices Showcase. It was an opportunity for talented and aspiring writers to submit personal essays describing how their mental health has been impacted during this time of heightened injustice, race-related trauma, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the foundation was interested in promoting fresh voices from the perspective of those historically excluded due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, religion, or economic standing. A small number of the New Voices Showcase authors earned cash awards for their submissions due to their quality.

This compilation contains all accepted New Voices Showcase submissions. The Hogg Foundation thanks all of these writers for their thoughtful reflections, and for helping us enrich the larger conversation on mental health. The views expressed in these essays do not reflect those of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.  

The essays are compiled in this special compilation PDF. Enjoy!  

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