The following opportunity has been shared on behalf of a member or affiliate of the Austin Area African American Behavioral Health Network. 

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Below is YWCA Greater Austin’s next dialogue on Issues of Racism and Discrimination, scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2020, 12:00-1:30 p.m. via zoom.  
Please pass this along to anyone you believe might be interested.  Registration link is at the bottom.



Law and Order: Beyond systemic racism

Power and domination achieved through violence and oppression riddled with racism is entrenched and glorified within US history.  This ideology which put in place the structures of “order” makes it acceptable to use excessive force, punishment, and target black and brown people. This also explains vigilantism and why people applaud the use of violence as seen when demonstrators were beaten, tear gassed, run over, and arrested. With cries to ‘defund the police’ on one end and ‘back the blue’ on the other, we appear to be at a social impasse and can either work to eliminate racism or simply move it to another arena. Together we will discuss:  What is meant by “law and order.” How does racism justify, perpetuate, and normalize violence against black people? Can people acknowledge that society has been built on a hierarchy of human worth?  If we defund/dismantle the police, how do we ensure that we don’t repackage systemic racism?  With a history of mental institutions, alternative schools, and child welfare laws how can social service providers and educators keep from enforcing “law and order.”



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