Miss Ima Hogg was an extraordinary woman for the state of Texas and for the advancement of mental health, and we could not be more proud that she is the founder of our organization. Because of our fascination with Miss Ima, we love learning new things about her so we were especially excited to host Wayne Bell at our office last month, who shared his memories of his time with Miss Ima. Bell, a close friend of Miss Ima (who referred to him as her “terrestrial godson”), spent time helping her with various architecture projects, reading books and sharing stories as well as traveling with her overseas.

Bell talked about Miss Ima’s sense of humor, her vivacious character, and her love for art and furniture.  Bell had the opportunity to spend time with Miss Ima in her Varner Bayou Bend house as well as at her property in Winedale. He shared stories of her tendency to pick up the phone and start the conversation with, “I have been thinking,” whenever she thought about a new endeavor or project to take on. He told us about her affection for the arts and attending the symphony. Bell also presented pictures of Ima and some of the projects they worked on together. Below are two of the places that Bell spent time with Miss Ima Hogg.

Thank you Mr. Bell for spending time with us and joining us at the Hogg Foundation. We loved learning more about the legacy of our wonderful founder and seeing pictures of her life!