Video Submissions

World Mental Health Day

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and we want to hear from you! The Hogg Foundation is asking for videos up to 60-seconds from Texas residents describing how mental health is a universal human right. The first 10 complete submissions will receive a $20 Amazon e-gift card as a thank you. 

Under 18? We’d love to receive videos from youth but like everything else, if you’re under 18, your parent/guardian must sign the release in order for you to submit your video. 

All participants must fill out the submission form.  

Suggested Questions to Answer 

We’ve provided a few questions to help you get started. Please choose one or two questions to answer in your video. 

  • If we subscribe to the idea that mental health is a human right, what responsibilities do we have? 
  • If mental health is a human right, what important issue should we tackle first? 
  • How do non-Western cultures approach mental health that we might all learn from? 

Submit your video:

To have your video shared, and be eligible for one of the 15 Amazon gift cards, both of these steps must be completed:

  1. Upload your 60-second video.
    You must say your name, city, and state at the beginning of the video. Hogg will remove any personal information before posting videos. Alternatively, you can upload your video by emailing

  2. Fill out the submission form below.
    Everyone must fill out this form to be eligible. Those under 18 must also have a parent/guardian submit the release form for them. Please note that your email address is required in order for us to know where to send your e-gift card.

Submission Form

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