It has been one month since the horrible tragedy in Connecticut. While life has gone back to some sense of normalcy for most of the country, we know it will never be the same for many in the Newtown community. The loss is so great it’s difficult to fathom and so unspeakable none of us will ever forget.  Even for those of us not directly connected to the Newtown community, we live one crisis closer to the realization that life can change without warning.

As professionals in the mental health field we recognize the incredible impact traumatic events can have both short-term and long-term. The impact is obviously felt by those directly affected but can also be experienced by many from a distance. The sadness can be overwhelming and the sense of loss of safety in everyday life can create a hovering state of fear. We are hopeful that all those experiencing trauma resulting from this horrific event, or any other crisis, seek help to understand the impact of the trauma and seek support in working toward recovery. For those in Texas, we live in a very big state and it can be difficult to know where to go or who to ask for help. One way to begin your search is to call ‘211.’ This service can help you locate mental health resources and services in your region of the state.

Our hearts continue to ache for the multitude of people touched by the Newtown tragedy.

Post co-authored by Colleen Horton, Tammy Heinz, Vicky Coffee-Fletcher and Stephany Bryan.