What We Do

In order to achieve greater results with our limited funds, the Hogg Foundation has established a competitive process for awarding grants. Through our strategic planning process, foundation staff meet with state and national stakeholders to identify critical areas in which the foundation’s grant-making could have a significant impact. Every one of our priority funding areas, such as integrated health care, workforce development, and mental health research, is the product of this ongoing strategic planning.

Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

Children’s Mental Health Conference

We host a free biennial conference in Houston focusing on children’s mental health topics.


The foundation’s evaluation initiative is intended to a) make sure we’re doing the most with the resources we have, b) add to the philanthropic field’s knowledge about what works and doesn’t work, and c) help us continually interrogate, and reflect upon, whether what we’re doing in practice aligns with our values and strategies.

Faith-Based Outreach & Education

Through its Faith-Based Initiative for African American Mental Health Education, the foundation is funding 11 faith-based organizations in Texas to increase awareness and perceptions of mental health, recovery and wellness in African American communities.

Graduate Student Fellowships & Scholarships

The Hogg Foundation offers a variety of grants and scholarships to help address for more diverse talent in the state’s mental health workforce.

Improving Public Policy

The Hogg Foundation supports nonprofit advocacy and public policy work to achieve meaningful, systemic change in mental health services and to improve the lives of people with mental health conditions in Texas.

Integrated Health Care

People’s minds and bodies are inseparable–except when it comes to health care.  Through our grant programs, we are helping stakeholders devise creative solutions for the integration of physical and mental health care in a variety of settings.

Mental Health Research Grants

Our Mental Health Research Grants increases the pool of junior faculty conducting quality mental health research and encourages sharing research findings with other researchers, policy makers and service providers.

Robert Lee Sutherland Seminars

Dr. Robert Lee Sutherland, first director of the Hogg Foundation, brought people and ideas together for 30 years to promote innovation and collaboration for mental health initiatives in Texas.

Texas Recovery

Encouraging and supporting mental health consumers, youth and their families in their unique personal journeys toward recovery and wellness is a priority for the Hogg Foundation.

Transition Age Youth & Families

The foundation is invested in identifying and addressing the mental health needs of transition-age youth (youth between the ages of 16 and 24) and their families.

Trauma-Informed Care

The Hogg Foundation seeks to raise awareness of the prevalence and influence of trauma in the lives of mental health consumers and the ways in which trauma affects behavior.

Workforce Development

Texas faces a critical mental health workforce shortage, ranking far below the national average in the number of mental health professionals per 100,000 residents. We are addressing the widening gap between demand for and availability of highly trained, culturally diverse and consumer-oriented mental health workers in Texas.