The following opportunity has been shared on behalf of a member or affiliate of the Austin Area African American Behavioral Health Network.

Volunteers Needed for Research Study

Doctoral Candidate: Linda Barbee at Capella University

Purpose of Research Study: is to examine resilience among African American Women (Born to African American parents in the United States) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Those who can participate: 

(a) Had an experience of childhood sexual abuse between the ages of 6 and 12

(b) Experience resiliency-the ability to overcome the experience of abuse

(c) Currently 35-to 55 adult African American women born in the united states of America whose parents are from the United States and are African American

(d) Not undergoing current treatment for PTSD, or other anxiety disorders, depression, or issues of psychosis or schizophrenia

(e) If a participant has had a history of addiction, the participant should be at least five years in sobriety without relapse.

Those who cannot participate: 

(a) Currently experiencing flashbacks, or night terrors related to any traumatic event (

b) Currently living in a physically or sexually abusive relationship.

Your participation would involve one session for approximately 60-90 minutes. As a participant in this study you have the right to withdraw or refrain from answering any questions you choose The session will be held at a private location, such as, (a conference room at a library) and time agreed upon by the researcher and the participant.

You will get: A gift card of $10.00.

It will be given at the beginning of the study to all participants.

Interested participants please contact Linda Barbee at – (802) 365-1601

If you are selected to participant in the research study by meeting the inclusion criteria, a follow up phone call will be made to schedule a date(s) to conduct our conversations regarding the research study.