The Hogg Foundation values evaluation as a powerful tool that examines the outcomes of its grant programs and applies lessons learned to plan for future initiatives. As an organization, the foundation’s mission is to advance recovery and wellness in Texas. The mission of the evaluation team is to foster a culture that encourages two-way communication and strategic learning. Through these efforts, the evaluation team strives to improve initiatives and ensure that they continue to reflect the overall mission of the foundation.

Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

Harris County Protective Services

A study of foster children served by an integrated health care model.

Bilingual Scholarships for Mental Health Workforce Diversity

To increase cultural and linguistic diversity in the Texas mental health workforce.

Children, Youth and Family Services in Houston

The programs involve 27 local nonprofit and government agencies and served an estimated 10,000 children and youths in high-need areas of Houston and Harris County.

East Texas Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

The ETCMHR brought together 12 mental health organizations to develop a network of consumers, peer specialists, providers and advocates trained in recovery and wellness.

Building Evaluation Capacity Among Integrated Health Care Organizations

Assessing evaluation capacity building of six grantees who have completed the terms of their two-year implementation grants.

Integrated Healthcare Collaborative Care Grant Initiative

Attempting to better understand the successes, challenges and outcomes of implementing integrated health care in community health clinics in Texas.

Statewide Learning Community on Integrated Health Care

Members collaborated in person and online to share information and experiences with implementing different integrated health care models, components and strategies.

Mental Health Research Grants for Tenure-Track Assistant Professors in Texas

To increase the pool of junior faculty members conducting quality mental health research in Texas.

Outpatient Competency Restoration

The foundation, in collaboration with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), conducted an evaluation of 11 OCR sites in Texas.

Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Initiative

The evaluation found evidence of a shift in the culture of care at two state-supported living centers that received trauma-informed care training.

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Grant Program Evaluators

The Hogg Foundation maintains a directory of professionals with experience in evaluating grant programs in the field of mental health. The directory is used to identify and select evaluators for foundation grant programs. We accept applications to join our evaluator directory at any time.