Evaluation: Harris County Protective Services Integrated Health Care Implementation Grant

An Integrated Health Care Model for Children in Foster Care

In 2012, Harris County Protective Services (HCPS) received funding from the Hogg Foundation to plan and implement an integrated behavioral health program for children in state custody. The program attempted to address gaps in services for children in foster care, who tend to have much higher rates of mental health concerns, physical health concerns, and developmental delays than children from similar socioeconomic circumstances.

In 2016, Dr. Toni Watt of Texas State University conducted an evaluation of the program. Among its findings:

  • Caregivers and stakeholders see great value in the HCPS program, and there is compelling evidence that the programs is realizing improvements in well-being for children in state custody.
  • As the first agency to offer integrated health care (IHC) to children in state custody, HCPS is well poised to educate others on model implementation and to spearhead the evolution of the IHC model so that it can serve the unique needs of child population.
  • There exist opportunities to further strengthen the IHC model so that it better serves young children.

Download the full report here.

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