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 Engage, Learn & Network Leadership Forum, June 10th, 2020 at 10:30 AM Central Time

Join AJ French from Gift of Voice – a mental health and trauma recovery training center – to learn how faith communities can have conversations about suicide prevention, attempts and recovery that are helpful and not harmful.

Guest Speaker:

AJ French


Suicide: Prevention, Attempts & Recovery

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Talking about suicide can be difficult, but not talking about it can be deadly.

Identify language which invites authentic discussion about suicide prevention, attempts and recovery.

Recognize vulnerability to suicide.

Be proactive and responsive to self and others.

Acquire and share resources for prevention and recovery.


AJ French is the President & CEO for Gift of Voice, a mental health and trauma recovery training center operated by people in recovery. She also serves the Illinois Mental Health Planning & Advisory Council (IMHPAC) and the Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illnesses (PAIMI). IMHPAC & PAIMI are both federally mandated councils.

French is considered a subject matter expert in mental health recovery, having participated in a White House briefing on suicide prevention and an interfaith discussion with the U.S. Surgeon General. With a heartbeat for policy and advocacy, her recent work includes systemically addressing suicide prevention during COVID-19.

She authored a letter to the Federal Communications Commission and obtained organizational signatures, strongly urging the FCC to provide free phone minutes and broadband connections so persons experiencing poverty could maintain connection.

French is often sought out to deliver hope at national conferences, theological seminaries and for individuals who are incarcerated. Last year, she presented “How to Stay Well While You’re Loved One’s in a Cell” for the InterNational Prisoners Family Conference. She periodically writes mental health commentaries for various newspapers and magazine publications.

AJ lives in Madison County, IL and is a member of The Bridge Free Methodist Church.

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