Texas Psychology Internships Initiative

Program Summary

Through the Texas Psychology Internship initiative, the Hogg Foundation committed nearly $3 million across eight sites to develop new American Psychological Association-accredited psychology internship programs.


While completion of a doctoral internship is required for students training to become licensed psychologists, shortages in available internship positions delay licensure and impede the expansion and retention of the behavioral health workforce. In an effort to narrow that gap by increasing the number of internships accredited by the American Psychological Association in the state, and diversify existing opportunities, the Hogg Foundation funded the development and accreditation of eight internship programs across Texas. Texas-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, academic institutions and governmental entities were eligible to apply. Most institutions received grant funds to create a new program, while others pursued accreditation of an existing program.

The primary goal of this initiative was to attract doctoral students in psychology to careers as mental health providers in Texas. Expanding the number of high-quality internship programs enables these students to proceed with the education and training required for state licensure and professional practice. A secondary goal was to increase the availability of psychological services in Texas communities that are underserved with respect to mental health services. As of 2017, all eight programs are accredited, increasing the number of APA accredited internships in Texas from 23 (as of 2012) to 31.

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Phase I (2011: $2.2 million)

  • El Paso Psychology Internship Consortium
  • Scott & White Healthcare System
  • Travis County Juvenile Probation Department
  • University of Houston-Clear Lake Counseling Services

Phase II (2013: $771,000)

  • Harris County Juvenile Probation Department
  • Texas Child Study Center
  • Texas Juvenile Justice Department
  • The University of Texas Health Northeast (previously part of the Lone Star Psychology Internship Consortium)
Hogg Program Officer

Rick Ybarra, Program Officer