Into the Fold

Issues in Mental Health

Recovery at the Clubhouse

"A clubhouse is more than a place to be," Athena McClendon says. "It's a place to belong." Recovery has evolved from a buzzword into a useful framework for giving meaning to the experience of living with mental illness. Advocates of recovery-oriented principles aim to...

What is Mental Health Becoming?

"Mind is the thing that we are dealing with when we are dealing with psychiatric challenges," Ken Thompson says. "Mind is the thing in us that allows us to be both in the world and inside ourselves at the same time." No matter which way you look at it, mental health...

Did you know the Hogg Foundation has a podcast? Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health is one of our more unique educational offerings, and one of the most significant attempts we’ve yet made to go beyond simply talking about our grant-making to influence the wider conversation around mental health issues. Hosted and produced by our public affairs representative, Ike Evans, the podcast was launched in June 2014, and has been picking up steam thanks to positive word-of-mouth and the public’s growing appetite for mental health-related news and opinion. Links to the most recent episodes are in the sidebar to the right.

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