Executive Office

Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., Executive Director

DSC01148A native Texan and licensed psychiatrist, Dr. Martinez is the fifth executive director to lead the foundation since its creation in 1940. He oversees the vision, mission, goals, strategic planning and day to day operations of the foundation.

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Contact: (512) 471-7625, Hogg-ED@austin.utexas.edu



Alisha Camacho, Executive Assistant

Alisha CamachoAlisha is the executive assistant to the foundation’s executive director. Prior to joining the foundation in 2016, she served for five years on the staff of Texas Law at The University of Texas at Austin. Alicia is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.

Contact: (512) 471-7625, alisha.camacho@austin.utexas.edu

Grant Initiatives

Vicky Coffee, Program Manager

Vicky Coffee-FletcherVicky joined the foundation in 2007. As program manager, she leads initiatives to improve the mental health of children and their families in Houston, enhance the mental health workforce, and promote consumer, youth and family involvement in mental health policies and services in Texas.

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Contact: (512) 475-7057, vicky.coffee@austin.utexas.edu

Stephany Bryan, Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison

DSC00485Stephany serves as program officer and consumer and family liaison for the foundation. She represents the perspectives of consumers of mental health services and their families in the foundation’s strategic planning, grant making, programs and policy activities.

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Contact: (512) 471-7628, stephany.bryan@austin.utexas.edu

Tammy Heinz, Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison

Tammy HeinzTammy serves as program officer and consumer and family liaison for the foundation. She represents the perspectives of consumers of mental health services and their families in the foundation’s strategic planning, grant making, programs and policy activities.

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Contact: (512) 471-7635, tammy.heinz@austin.utexas.edu

Rick Ybarra, Program Officer

Rick YbarraRick joined the foundation in 2007 where he serves as program officer and leads the Integrated Health Care Initiative.

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Contact: (512) 471-9154, rick.ybarra@austin.utexas.edu

Public Policy

Colleen Horton, Program Officer

Colleen HortonColleen joined the foundation in 2010 as program officer where she leads the mental health policy unit and manages policy-related grants and activities.

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Contact: (512) 471-2988, colleen.horton@austin.utexas.edu

Alison Mohr Boleware, Policy Fellow

Alison BolewareAlison serves as a policy fellow for the foundation, assisting program staff in policy-related initiatives designed to generate mental health policies that improve the mental health and wellness of Texans.

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Contact: (512) 471-7627, alison@austin.utexas.edu


Haila Yates, Communications Manager

Haila YatesHaila serves as communications manager for the foundation. She has more than a decade of nonprofit marketing experience, specializing in integrated marketing strategy, branding and positioning, copy writing, and graphic design.

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Contact: (512) 471-9142, haila.yates@austin.utexas.edu


Ike Evans, Public Affairs Representative

DSC00518Ike has served as the public affairs representative at the foundation since 2012. His roles include marketing communications, media outreach and assisting with implementing the foundation’s overall communications strategy.

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Contact: (512) 471-4804, imani.evans@austin.utexas.edu

Kate Smallwood, Digital Media Strategist

Kate SmallwoodKate serves as digital media strategist for the foundation. A native Texan, she has worked in Austin’s nonprofit and higher education sectors for more than a dozen years in the areas of communications, community relations and fund development. 

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Contact: (512) 471-7631, kate.smallwood@austin.utexas.edu


Finance and Operations

Bridget Lawrence, Assistant Director of Finance and Operations

Bridget LawrenceBridget has served as assistant director of finance and operations for the foundation since 2015. She began her career with The University of Texas in 2008. She has a finance degree from Texas A&M University and a MBA from Texas A&M University – Commerce.

Contact: (512) 471-2982, bridgetl@austin.utexas.edu


Margarita Alvarez, Operations Associate

Margarita AlvarezMargarita joined the foundation in 1990. As operations associate in Finance and Operations, she coordinates travel and manages the front office. Previously, she served as a grants associate in the foundation’s grants management unit.

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Contact: (512) 471-5041, margarita.alvarez@austin.utexas.edu


Lexi Arons, Grants Management Associate

Lexi BanihamshemradLexi has served in a variety of roles with the foundation since 2009. As grants management associate, she facilitates applicant and grantee processes and is the go-to for questions about the foundation’s grants management system, Fluxx.

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Contact: (512) 475-7089, lexi.arons@austin.utexas.edu


Mary Capps, Cross Unit Liaison

Mary CappsMary serves as cross unit liaison for the foundation, working across teams on a variety of projects with an eye toward process optimization and strengthening cross-unit collaboration.

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Contact: (512) 232-6287, mary.capps@austin.utexas.edu


Krystal Mullins, Operations Associate

Photo of Krystal MullinsKrystal joined the foundation in 2017 as operations associate. In this role, she handles procurement duties, as well as event and meeting coordination.

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Contact: (512) 475-7083, krystal.mullins@austin.utexas.edu


Edward Reed, Senior Systems Administrator

Edward ReedEd serves as senior systems administrator for the foundation. For more than ten years, he has provided server, network and database support. Ed is partial to cooking and healthy eating, and enjoys the view from his office very much!

Contact: (512) 475-7050, ed.reed@austin.utexas.edu


Elizabeth Stauber, Archivist and Records Manager

Elizabeth StauberElizabeth serves as archivist and records manager for the foundation. In this role, she collects, assesses, organizes, preserves and provides access to historically significant records produced by the foundation over the last 75+ years.

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Contact: (512) 471-2811, elizabeth.stauber@austin.utexas.edu


Crystal Viagran, Grants Manager

Contact: (512) 471-7634, crystal.viagran@austin.utexas.edu


Contact: (512) 471-5041