As you’ve likely noticed, if you’ve been to our website before, the site looks different now. We’ve overhauled both the design and the architecture of in the hopes of better serving our constituents, better reflecting the foundation’s identity and values, and no longer looking like we have a website from 2003. Our plan is to continue to refine and improve the site indefinitely, but we’ll be particularly focused on that process over the next few months. To that end, please let us know if you have thoughts, suggestions, corrections, or recommendations on any of the following topics:

  • The appearance: Is it nice-looking? Is it easy on the eyes? Are there images or photographs that would better represent a given topic.
  • The language: We strive to use language accurately and thoughtfully. But we’re human. If you notice anything that seems wrong or off somehow, let us know.
  • The user experience: Is the site easy and logical to navigate? Did you find what you were looking for in a pretty straightforward way?
  • Did we simplify too much: In the redesign of the site, we sought to simplify and prioritize. We can’t be everything to everyone. As a result there’s less of certain kinds of content on this site than on the old site. Did we go too far? Is there anything in particular that seems missing?
  • Broken links and missing information: Let us know and we’ll fix the links and find the information.
  • The Texas Mental Health Information Page: We want this to be as useful as possible, without becoming such an overwhelming barrage of links that it ceases to be useful at all. Give us suggestions.
  • Miscellany: Whatever else comes to mind, please share it.

Please be in touch. We’re proud of the new site, but it can always be better, and we always enjoy chatting with you.