In a new video released by the Commonwealth Fund, vice president Anne-Marie J. Audet, M.D., explains how care teams, health IT, and new ways of paying health care providers can improve health care for patients while lowering costs:

[brightcove vid=2784889678001&exp3=26618258001&surl=,AAAABh3DqbE~,YRYD9OJQtoEfeQ6JLvjg0kRlwjRgmEgd&w=486&h=412]

Key take-aways:

  • Our current health care system is a siloed approach to care, plagued by lack of integration and lack of service coordination.
  • The fragmented approach impacts everyone–patient, families, providers, and communities.
  • We need to think differently about how we pay for health care.
  • The solution to fragmentation in health care is to create an integrated, coordinated team around the patient.
  • With a focus on efficiency, we can lower cost and increase value of services delivered.
  • Payment reform means identifying all services associated with a given condition and designing a “bundle of care” that would pay (reimburse providers) for all services as a whole.
  • Ensuring coordination of care can also be helped tremendously by technology, including electronic health records.
  • By focusing on care transition and care coordination,  we’ll see better health care, better health and lower costs.