The Hogg Foundation is so excited to officially announce the launch of our new brand! As you may have noticed, over the past several weeks our new logo has been popping up on Facebook, Twitter and in the Daily Clips email. We now have officially launched the brand on our website with our updated colors, logo and tagline and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

The new brand’s imagery was chosen to reflect the Hogg Foundation as a warm, welcoming and approachable organization. The color palette associated with the logo echos these characterizations. We also wanted to convey our important relationship with The University of Texas at Austin by including the burnt orange color in our logo.

You’ll notice that the brand now includes a new tagline, “Advancing recovery and wellness in Texas.” Here are a few cool things I’d like to point out:

  • Advancing: this action word conveys our position as a thought leader, facilitator and connector to create positive impact and forward movement in the mental health field.
  • Recovery and wellness: these two words are critical to mental health and adding them in the tagline underscores the changing beliefs about mental health conditions and the hope that this shift in thinking offers to people directly or indirectly affected by mental illness.
  • Texas: placing Texas in the tagline reinforces the Hogg Foundation’s mission and vision to move Texas forward in achieving mental wellness and conveys our focus on serving the people of Texas.

Occasionally you may see an alternate version of the logo that includes The University of Texas at Austin in place of the tagline to highlight our relationship with the university.


We are so enthusiastic to share this new brand with you as we continue to advance mental health in Texas and to fulfill the promises we made in our new mission and vision statements, which we will talk about in detail on the blog later this month.

So, check out our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages and tell us what you think: how do you like the new brand?