We are now at the tail end of what has been a busy and fun year of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Hogg Foundation’s founding. We have created a beautiful commemorative website, Hogg History, that does justice to the trove of materials in our archives. We are making an effort to bring new attention to our vintage The Human Condition radio broadcasts from the 1970s and 1980s. Our offices are now bedecked with commemorative plaques, images, and vintage publications that give visitors a rich look at what the Hogg Foundation has meant to Texas over the decades.

But the centerpiece of our 75th anniversary celebration is a forthcoming book, Circuit Riders for Mental Health: The Hogg Foundation and the Transformation of Mental Health in Texas. The author, William S. Bush, is a professor of history at Texas A&M-San Antonio and a one-time postdoctoral fellow at the Hogg Foundation. With a grant from the Hogg Foundation, he has produced the first comprehensive history of one foundation’s role in the transformation of a state mental health system: the Hogg Foundation.

The video embedded below is not only an excellent synopsis of Bill’s book, but also a great capsule history of the founding years of the Hogg Foundation in its own right. We are proud of Bill, excited about the book (scheduled to publish this fall), and relish the many storytelling opportunities that his work has created for us moving forward.