Over the past year, the consumer movement in Texas has made tremendous strides, expanding the consumer community and strengthening their network. Here are the highlights of some of the major consumer events that the Hogg Foundation has been a part of:

In August, Texas mental health consumers met for the first statewide consumer leadership symposium held by the newly formed statewide organization Texas Catalyst for Empowerment (TCE). More than 80 participants came from different regions across Texas for the meeting held at the Hogg Foundation. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with consumers from across the state as well as participate in the development of a consumer statement for Texas.

On September 1, the TCE board submitted the final Consumer Statement to the Texas Department of State Health Services. This was a huge step in formalizing the consumer movement in Texas. What an accomplishment!

Texas consumers gathered in Orlando, Florida for the 2011 Alternatives Conference in October. Four staff members from the Hogg Foundation attended the three-and-a-half day conference with 12 people from the East Texas Coalition for Mental Health Recovery. In all, we counted 42 Texans at the conference. It was the perfect opportunity for people from all over the state to get together, network and pat each other on the back for the amazing ways Texans are advancing recovery and wellness.

Additionally, the East Texas Coalition was granted a second year of funding from the Hogg Foundation. This is great news for the coalition and for the extension of consumer, youth and family services in East Texas. The additional funding will help the coalition to continue to support their members with unique experiences and educational opportunities, such as these events that members have attended over the past few months:

      • A three-day Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) training
      • Certified peer specialist training
      • RESPECT Institute training and programs
      • Certified peer specialist whole health training
      • Art auctions
      • WRAP facilitator training (look for more details in a future newsletter.)

There is great momentum in the consumer movement and the Hogg Foundation is excited to be a part of it. There is certainly more to be done in Texas to advance recovery and wellness. What is happening in your community to advance the consumer movement?