It was a day in time that changed the course of history… for everyone.

Often events occur from day to day that affect us.  These events may affect many of us, a few of us, only one of us…but rarely does it affect all of us at once.  On September 11th I will remember the pain, the confusion, the trauma of people I didn’t even know.  I will remember the fear of the unknown and the anger that followed.  I will also remember the compassion, the nurturing, and the hope that keep many of us going.  The physical and mental pain that was experienced on that day was overwhelming.  There is no cure or magic wand that will make it “all better.”   “We The People” are still adjusting – we are adjusting our beliefs and our attitudes; we are adjusting our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance. We are recovering, we are healing and restoring health and wellness – it is an ongoing process.  What will you remember?