This past week I attended the funeral of a very dear friend’s mother. She was 95 years old and an incredible lady. As I traveled to her home town to attend the funeral, I visited with her many friends and family members, and was reminded of the death of my own grandmother several years ago.

Experiencing death can be a very emotional time in one’s life. The grieving process for everyone is not the same. For me it was a very sad time. The stress and heartache of my loss was overwhelming and contributed to an unhealthy imbalance in my mental health. There is no treatment for grief – however there are some things we can do to help support those who are experiencing grief.

I know supporting and comforting people who are experiencing grief and loss can be difficult. It is hard to know what to say or do. I found this resource on helping people through bereavement and grief to be very helpful. I hope it can guide you to help others that are in need of compassion and care.