Our minds and bodies are inseparable, yet all too often our health care system treats them separately. To support the state and national movement toward integrated health care (IHC), Hogg Foundation Program Officer Rick Ybarra teamed up with national expert Kathleen Reynolds to offer a free webinar on financing IHC both in Texas and nationally.

More than 90 participants joined the live webinar, which explored several current ways to fund collaborative care and integrated health care initiatives. The webinar also featured a free financing worksheet developed for Texas that can serve as an example for other states.

Financing may be the most common perceived barrier to collaborative and integrated health care, yet these models can be funded right now in nearly every state.  While the details of financing IHC can be highly technical and often difficult to harness, Reynolds presented a comprehensive overview that offered concrete answers to the financing question and shared insights related to making IHC financing possible.

The webinar was a great success and a recording is available on our webinar page. Also, check out the financing worksheet here.

Stay tuned to the blog later this week for concrete, technical examples of how this model can work for you!