A Window of Opportunity

Philanthropy’s Role in Eliminating Health Disparities through Integrated Health Care

Integrating, or systematically coordinating, primary care and mental health services can greatly improve people’s health and quality of life. Funders can achieve measurable change in the health of communities by helping them make the transition to this proven approach to health care.

In February 2012 the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health in Austin, Texas, hosted a roundtable discussion attended by representatives from a diverse group of national, regional, and local foundations that support integrated health care. The group explored an intriguing question: can integrated health care help eliminate health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities and people with limited English proficiency?

The conclusion—supported by research, real-life examples, and the participants’ experiences—was a resounding “yes.” This report summarizes the discussion and presents the group’s recommendations on strategies and examples of activities that can improve the health status of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

Download the executive summary or the full Window of Opportunity report.

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