Into the Fold Podcast: Issues in Mental Health

Our podcast series is one of the ways we move from simply talking about our grantmaking to influencing dialogue and learning about mental health and well-being. Hosted by “Ike at the Mic,” our public affairs representative Ike Evans, the series captures the human implications of mental health and the factors that influence it, bringing you conversations with mental health experts, consumers, advocates, practitioners, researchers and community leaders from across Texas and beyond.

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Listener Question of the Month

We will soon be doing a special episode of our podcast, Into the Fold, on mental health in the service industry, particularly in light of the pandemic. Do you work in a job with major customer-facing responsibilities, and have some insight into mental health—both challenges and resilience factors—that you’d be willing to share? In responding, be as candid as you feel comfortable. Be funny, be reflective, be philosophical—the choice is yours. Some examples of things you might want to share:

  1. How has your day-to-day been changed as a result of the pandemic?
  2. Are there particular threats to wellness that are unique to folks in your industry?
  3. Service industry workers are often on the front lines trying to ensure compliance with mask mandates and social distancing. What has been your experience with that?
  4. How has your industry been a source of strength and resilience? What can the greater community learn from its example?

We will accept responses as either written testimonials or audio recordings. Selected responses will be read or played during an upcoming Into the Fold episode. You will be notified if your response is selected. Respondents are kept anonymous by default.

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Recent Podcasts

A written synopsis is available for each podcast.

Empowering Girls through Policy

Empowering Girls through Policy

On this episode of Into the Fold, we are joined by our policy fellow for Girls Empowerment Network and her mentor to discuss the unique challenges facing girls.

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A Therapist on Racial Grief

A Therapist on Racial Grief

On this episode of our Into the Fold podcast, we are joined by Dr. Chase Anderson to discuss writing, communicating, and dealing with racial grief as a psychiatrist.

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COVID-19 and Our Schools

COVID-19 and Our Schools

On this episode of our Into the Fold podcast, we spoke with a pair of experts who share some wisdom about keeping kids in school at a time when ‘school’ no longer means what it used to.

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