Hogg News

If you do a search for “Hogg Foundation newsletter” at The University of Texas Digital Repository, you will find examples dating back to 1955. Since at least that time, the Hogg Foundation has recognized the importance of timely and regular communication with the public about the foundation’s activities and current priorities. As the foundation has evolved to keep pace with the most cutting-edge understandings of mental health, it only makes sense that our communication tools and approaches do likewise.

With that in mind, I’m excited to introduce our new electronic newsletter, the Hogg News. For those who grew accustomed to the Hogg Dialogue, or even our old print newsletter, the Hogg News should seem like quite a departure in terms of style and content. The major shift is that we’ve moved the traditional types of newsletter content to the bottom. You can still learn about recent Hogg news, read posts from Hogg Blog, and view recent Hogg publications. You just have to scroll down a bit.

At the top, in the “featured” space, we now highlight projects, issues, resources, and conversations that are of interest not just to readers who have a close relationship with the Hogg Foundation, but to anyone who cares about the future of mental health in America.

In this first issue we’re featuring the posters, sounds and stories that emerged from 4 Plus 4 Equals, a unique visual arts project in Austin designed to explore questions and raise awareness about mental health. This project, which was co-produced by Hogg grantee Via Hope, is an example of the kind of next-level thinking and conversation about mental health that the foundation loves to promote.

We would like to give special thanks to Stephen Callender of Stellar Impeller, a design and marketing agency in Austin, for the visually arresting design of the Hogg News.

Any and all feedback is welcome. To become a subscriber, visit this page and select “Email newsletter” from the list of options.