The Human Condition iTunes U artworkby Ike Evans

We are very pleased to announce a new iTunes U collection: The Human Condition: Vintage Radio Conversations on Mental Health! The Human Condition was a radio series, produced by the foundation in partnership with KUT, that ran from 1971 to 1983. The series was broadcast weekly by stations subscribing to the Longhorn Radio Network. If you have iTunes, you can download it here:

The series featured conversations on subjects that spanned the full range of human interest, including but not limited to mental health. Guests included historically notable figures such as Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Roy Wilkins, Karl and Roy Menninger, Oscar-winning actress Mercedes McCambridge, and numerous others. There are currently four episodes available, with more on the way.

As the Hogg Foundation embarks on its 75th anniversary celebration, we are excitedly exploring avenues for the exhibition of some of the rich material in our archive — photos, documents, news clippings, and audio interviews. As much as anything we’ve ever done, The Human Condition offers vast possibilities for future archival projects as well as generating new public interest.

Stay tuned!

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