The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health advances mental wellness in Texas in a variety of ways, including our work in public policy. While staff cannot lobby for or against specific legislation, we are able to provide educational information and technical assistance to state agencies, legislators and staff, and consumers, families and advocates.

Many people who experience mental illness, their families and friends, health care providers, advocates and other stakeholders have a keen interest in what is happening at the Texas Capitol during the legislative session. We recognize how difficult and time-consuming it can be to wade through the vast number of bills filed during the session and to keep up with bills that impact the lives of those experiencing mental illness.

We invite you to follow our posts and share your thoughts about the 82nd legislative session. Each week, Hogg Foundation staff will highlight one or two bills that have the potential to impact mental health and wellness in Texas in some way, such as affecting funding, public services or individual rights.

These will be straightforward analyses of the legislation. We will not tell you if a bill is good or bad, or what you should do about it. That is your decision to make.

We do hope that by making you aware of legislation that is important to people with mental illness that you will be able to become more involved in the process.

Major decisions will be made in the months ahead that will impact many individuals receiving mental health services and those waiting for mental health services. In a few days we will begin our weekly bill analysis, starting with the appropriations bill, House Bill 1. Let us know what you think!