Recovery to Practice - SAMHSA's definition of recovery

Source: SAMHSA

The Hogg Foundation has awarded $567,000 to support six organizations in their ongoing work to infuse the Recovery to Practice curricula across the six behavioral health professions in Texas: psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, peer support, social work, and addiction counseling.

Recovery to Practice was launched by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2014 to infuse recovery principles into the day-to-day practices of the six behavioral health professions. In 2015, the Hogg Foundation launched the Recovery to Practice grant program to support the dissemination of the recovery curricula throughout Texas.

With this initiative, Texas is the only state to disseminate the national-level Recovery to Practice curricula. Collectively, these grants are mainstreaming recovery principles throughout the health care system.

Here’s a look at how grantees plan to use the funds:

  • American Psychiatric Nurses Association—Texas Chapter will train Texas facilitators who will conduct regional trainings to reach more organizations across the state using the recovery curriculum.
  • Via Hope will disseminate the recovery curriculum among Certified Peer Specialists (individuals with lived experience of a mental health condition and recovery), and integrate the recovery curriculum into existing peer specialist certification training.
  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Department of Biomedical Sciences will educate psychiatry residents using the recovery curriculum, and train psychiatrists working in key mental health centers and the four largest state psychiatric hospitals.
  • University of North Texas, Department of Disability & Addiction Rehabilitation will train addiction counselors using the recovery curriculum and a “train the trainer” model, and promote a website that provides resources and support.
  • The University of Texas at Arlington, School of Social Work will continue to advance recovery among social work professionals in Texas by infusing the Counsel on Social Work Education’s recovery materials into the Master of Social work curriculum.
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio will continue their partnership with the American Psychological Association to provide recovery-focused training for the state’s universities and doctoral-level programs and internships.

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