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Our featured resource network for the summer is NADD, an association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs. NADD is a membership resource network for professionals, care providers and families promoting understanding of and services for individuals who have a dual diagnosis. Persons with co-occurring intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental illness (MI) are frequently referred to as a special population. It is important to recognize that this group makes up approximately one-third (32.9%) of the total number of individuals with IDD served by state developmental disability (DD) agencies nationwide.[1] In view of the high prevalence of psychiatric disorders among people with IDD, this group should not be considered as a special population, but as a core constituency in both health and human services settings.

Committed to raising the level of support for individuals with co-occurring IDD and MI, NADD partners with organizations across the nation to introduce its members to state-of-the-art mental health care and treatment and provides up to date information on assessment, diagnosis, psychopharmacology, therapy, program models, staff training, research, and family issues for this population.

Additionally, to enhance the quality of supports and services to individuals with dual diagnosis, NADD has developed three interrelated certification programs for service providers:

NADD also hosts webinars offered at varied experience levels (‘beginners’ with limited or no prior experience with the subject matter to ‘advanced’ who are experienced and versed) on topics such as modifications for counseling this population and strategies for families to use during difficult times. Each session is $78 for NADD members and $98 per session for non-members.

Finally (or once again on this blog), NADD hosts an annual national conference open to anyone interested in improving services and supports for individuals with a dual diagnosis.  This year the conference will be held in San Antonio TexasNADD Annual Conference

From November 12th – 14th, 2014.  This is a great opportunity for Texans to develop new skills and increase their expertise.


This is just a sampling of NADD’s services and network. We at the Hogg Foundation support them as they continue to advocate for improved treatment and services for individuals with a dual diagnosis and to work to bridge the gulf between mental health service systems and developmental disability service systems so that individuals with a dual diagnosis will no longer fall through the cracks.

[1] National Core Indicators Adult Consumer Survey 2011–12 Final Report (2013). National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services and the Human Services Research Institute. Retrieved from