As we know, health professionals and health care organizations are experimenting with new ways to improve care and lower health care costs, especially for persons experiencing severe, chronic health conditions. The Commonwealth Fund recently released six principles for improving value for patients and health systems and an issue brief highlighting new models of care delivery.

For a “deeper dive” and better understanding of health care costs, check out their recent post, Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?

The Commonwealth Fund also launched three animated videos (each video approximately 90 seconds) illustrating new approaches in the delivery and financing of health care services. The videos also examine how these reforms could make life better for persons who seek health care and persons who deliver health care, as well as for health care organizations (hospitals, networks, health care systems and community based providers). Take a 4-1/2 minute break out of your busy schedule to check these videos out. They help clarify some of the myths and misconceptions on what we are attempting to achieve through health care reform.

Only by evaluating, refining and then fully implementing to scale new models of care for persons with the highest health care needs, coupled with looking more upstream at prevention and early intervention of chronic health conditions that lead to high costs will we be able to demonstrate that these transformations contribute to people living healthier lives and controlling health care costs.