Here’s a chance for your organization to show off the innovative, impressive work being done in Texas when it comes to integrated health care. Our state’s reputation as an emerging leader in this area led the national Collaborative Family Healthcare Association to choose Austin as the site of its 14th annual conference on October 4 – 6. Each year, CFHA convenes one of the most up-to-date conferences in the U.S. that focuses on collaborative health care and integrated primary care. The 2012 theme is “The Future of Integrated Healthcare: Activating Clinicians, Consumer, Researchers, and Policy Makers.”

This year, CFHA hopes to highlight a number of Texas programs at workshops and seminars during the three-day conference. With an expected attendance of more than 400, this is truly a great opportunity to share your work and accomplishments before a national audience.  It’s also an excellent networking opportunity and a chance to learn about programs and advances in other states that you can bring back to your organization.

Not from Texas? Here’s a chance to visit our beautiful state and everyone who is working to advance integrated health care, no matter where you’re from, is invited and encouraged to submit a proposal for the conference.

Click here to find out more about the CFHA, the conference and how to submit a proposal.  Submissions are due online by March 31. Let’s show off the great work in integrated health care being done in Texas!