podcast artworkby Ike Evans

We are excited to announce that the Hogg Foundation has launched a new monthly podcast! Into the Fold, the brainchild of the communications team here at the foundation, is our newest attempt at creating a niche for candid conversations around mental health. We have just recently completed our pilot episode, an interview with LaQuinton Wagner, a youth consultant for Texas Network of Youth Services, a Hogg Foundation grantee. He spoke with eloquence and insight on the subject of transition-age youth, a key area of concern for the foundation.

Even with all of the other kinds of communications technology out there, the human voice continues to hold its own as an eerily effective tool for reaching, informing, and educating an audience. We’re still making up the rules as we go, but our overarching aim is to create audio content that’s easy to get and that presents conversations that are worth listening to. Episodes will be hosted and produced by Ike Evans, public affairs specialist.

We’re taking some of our inspiration from other mental health organizations, as well as other UT departments, who are showing that podcasting can be an inexpensive way to present engaging or informative content to a sizable audience. The hope is that once we get the hang of the format, it will come into its own as a primary means of capturing the human implications of our program areas, i.e. highlighting the challenges and achievements of our grantees in a way that is interesting, informative and appropriately provocative. Along the way, there will also be ample opportunity to enlighten the public about our grantmaking process, and even to delve into the past and present lives of Hogg Foundation staff.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


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