You’ve probably heard that the war is over in Iraq and our troops are home! Whether you believe the war was a victory for our country or supported the effort, it is time for us, as Americans, to open our arms wide and welcome our military personnel home.

I had the privilege of meeting a seasoned veteran, Reverend Dr. Robert McKinley Gilmore, Sr., in Houston some time ago. I knew that he had a story to tell as I could feel it exuding in his spirit. When you meet Rev. Gilmore you immediately know he is a man on a mission. It wasn’t until I listened to his videos on the Make the Connection website that I learned why his passion for mental health is so strong. His quest for sharing hope through spiritual healing and education laid the groundwork for his platform. The website offers stories of hope, resiliency, resources and information to veterans and their families.

Now you can hear what  Reverend Gilmore has to say by viewing the videos in which he so poignantly shares the challenges he faced during and after his active duty in the military. The candid memories he communicates with viewers are informative and inspirational!

As we think about our veterans returning home let’s celebrate and honor their service by creating an environment of understanding, safety and hope. Please share any additional resources you know of that are available to assist our troops and their families in making the transition home.

Welcome home soldiers, welcome home!