Training and Technical Assistance at State Supported Living Centers

Program Summary

Trauma-informed care is a form of mental health intervention that specifically addresses the consequences of trauma for an individual and facilitates healing. The grant project is part of a partnership with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) aimed at reducing the use of restraints on patients by implementing trauma-informed practices. The project will be coordinated by Project Janus, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that supports preventative care, treatment and crisis intervention services for individuals with a dual diagnosis.


The mental health needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities are at best undertreated and often are simply ignored. Training the staff of state-supported living centers and community service providers to implement trauma-informed care is an important step in improving safety and treatment for individuals with a dual diagnosis.

Since 2004, the Hogg Foundation has worked to reduce seclusion and restraint practices in Texas through conferences, seminars, trainings, teleconferences and a leadership group.

Hogg Program Officer

Colleen Horton serves as a program officer for the Hogg Foundation, leading the foundation’s mental health policy unit and managing policy-related grants and activities. She also provides information and technical assistance upon request to legislators, legislative staff, state agency staff, as well as consumers and families on mental health topics.

More Information

Read this news release about the grant program.

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