Recovery to Practice (RTP)

Program Summary

The goal of the Hogg Foundation RTP Grant Program is to support the dissemination of the RTP curricula across the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, peer support and addiction counseling in Texas. The six awardees have each been granted $200,000 over four years. Grantees’ activities will parallel and build upon the best practices of the national RTP development process. The core of RTP is comprehensive, discipline-focused training on recovery-oriented principles and practices.


In 2009, SAMHSA funded the development of the Recovery to Practice (RTP) curriculum across five mental health professional organizations: the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, the Council on Social Work Education and the InterNational Association of Peer Supporters. NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, was brought into the initiative one year later. The overarching goal of Recovery to Practice (RTP) is to advance the implementation of recovery-oriented practice among behavioral health practitioners through participation in comprehensive discipline-specific training.

The RTP curriculum development and piloting was a five year process that used SAMHSA’s definition and 10 components of recovery as the foundation.

Hogg Program Officer

Stephany Bryan serves as program officer and consumer & family liaison for the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. She represents the perspectives of consumers of mental health services and their families in the Hogg Foundation’s strategic planning, grant making, programs and policy activities. Bryan has spent 23 years advocating for improvements to federal, state and local mental health policies and services. She also has served as a leader, mentor and adviser to consumers, family members, government agencies, policy makers and advocacy groups in Texas and nationally. For more on Bryan, see her bio.

Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar XVIII

The 2014 Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar, “The State of Mental Health Recovery: Research, Training, and Practice,” was the 18th in a series of biennial seminars hosted by the Hogg Foundation in honor of its first executive director, Robert Lee Sutherland. These seminars honor Sutherland and continue his legacy of convening stakeholders to discuss critical issues in mental health.

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