Robert Lee Sutherland Seminars

Dr. Robert Lee Sutherland, first director of the Hogg Foundation, brought people and ideas together for 30 years to promote innovation and collaboration for mental health initiatives in Texas. These seminars honor Sutherland and continue his legacy of convening stakeholders to discuss critical issues in mental health. The Hogg Foundation has convened these seminars biennially since 1978.

Program Summary

The 2014 Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar, “The State of Mental Health Recovery: Research, Training, and Practice,” was the 18th in a series of biennial seminars hosted by the Hogg Foundation in honor of its first executive director, Robert Lee Sutherland. These seminars honor Sutherland and continue his legacy of convening stakeholders to discuss critical issues in mental health.

The goal of RLS XVIII was to increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of the concept of mental health recovery, and to educate participants about the state of mental health recovery research, training, and practice.

Past RLS Seminars

With one exception, the foundation has been hosting the Robert Lee Sutherland Seminars every two years since 1978, when the inaugural seminar was held on the topic “Mental Health For The People of Texas.” That first seminar brought together more than 1,000 delegates for three days in May to examine the implications for Texas of the President’s Commission on Mental Health Report. First lady Rosalynn Carter was the keynote speaker. Learn more about past seminars on our Hogg History website.

Hogg Program Officer

Tammy Heinz, Program Officer and Consumer & Family Liaison

2014 Keynotes (Video and PDFs)

PDF: Personal Medicine, Power Statements, and Other Disruptive Innovations

Patricia Deegan, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Deegan’s keynote address described the historical context of recovery and discussed the importance of shared decision-making and co-creating care among providers and consumers in today’s changing mental health care environment.

PDF: Transforming the Mental Health Workforce Through Recovery to Practice

Annelle Primm, MD, MPH

Dr. Annelle Primm’s plenary presentation discussed the history of the Recovery to Practice (RTP) Initiative and its major accomplishments thus far.

PDF: What Everyone Needs to Know About the Evidence Base for Mental Health Recovery

Larry Davidson, PhD

Dr. Larry Davidson’s plenary presentation discussed major themes within mental health recovery research and the evidence bases for recovery and recovery-oriented practices.

PDF: The Evolving Role of Peer Support in Health Care

Chacku Mathai, CPRP

Mr. Chacku Mathai shared significant experiences from his own recovery during his plenary presentation, in addition to identifying the standards of peer support and discussing collaboration with peers for community and systems transformation.