Texas Recovery

Only people who have been through the process of recovery and wellness themselves or through a family member can know what the experience is like. Their knowledge, experience and perspectives can bring hope to others. They also can identify and advocate for improvements to mental health systems and services. Creating opportunities for persons with lived experience of mental illness — consumers, youths and families — to be centrally involved in the planning and implementation of mental health services is a primary goal of the Hogg Foundation.

Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

Walking the Walk

For more on our commitment to consumers, read these two stories on the hiring of program officers Tammy Heinz and Stephany Bryan, the foundation’s first “consumer and family liaisons.”

Advancing Peer Support in Integrated Health Care

In mental health specialty settings, peer specialists are becoming key participants in multidisciplinary treatment teams, and have proved their worth as a valuable complement to standard treatment approaches.

Advancing Recovery in Texas

The long-term goal of this initiative is for mental health providers to foster recovery-oriented organizational change for the benefit of mental health consumers.

East Texas Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

The East Texas Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (ETCMHR) launched in 2010 as a pilot program to build leadership in mental health, recovery and wellness, and to increase consumer and family involvement in the Texas mental health system.

Related Publications

The foundation has produced a number of recovery-related publications, including Texas Recovery Movement.

Recovery-Oriented Research

The Hogg Foundation aims to add to the evidence base of recovery-oriented practices, and to create opportunities for people with lived experience of mental illness to act as co-investigators within the research and evaluation enterprise.

Recovery to Practice (RTP)

Recovery to Practice (RTP) was launched by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) with the aim of incorporating recovery principles into the day-to-day practices of the six behavioral health professionals (nursing, substance use treatment, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and peer specialists). The Hogg Foundation is now funding the dissemination of the RTP curriculum statewide.

Via Hope

The Hogg Foundation is collaborating with the Department of State Health Services to provide support to Via Hope as the state’s training and technical assistance center for mental health consumers, family members, providers and youths.