Policy Briefs


Mental Health Parity

Hogg Foundation Policy Priorities 2018-2019

The Texas Mental Health Worforce: Continuing Challenges and Sensible Strategies

Texas 84th

Policy Recommendation: Expanding Mental Health Peer Support Services

Policy Recommendation: Self-Directed Mental Health Service Delivery

Evaluation: Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Initiative

Policy Recommendation: Addressing the Texas Mental Health Workforce Shortage

Eliminating Behavioral Health Disparities through Integrated Health Care

Competency Restoration Policy Brief

Integrated Health Care: Setting Metrics and Measuring Outcomes

Mental Health Housing Brief

Housing for People with Serious Mental Illness

New Publication Template

Policy Briefs

Creating a Forensic Director Position at the Department of State Health Services

Addressing the Mental Health and Wellness of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Policy Recommendation: Relocation Services for Individuals with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

Texas 84th Legislative Session Summary

Policy Recommendation to Increase Peer Recovery Services

Mental Health Workforce Issues

“Normalcy” for Children and Youth in Foster Care

Self-Directed Service Delivery Options for Mental Health Services

Peer Support Services