The Hogg Foundation produces a variety of video to promote mental health, including interviews with content experts, testimonials about recovery from mental illness, recordings of events, and occasional short documentaries on contemporary or historical topics. Below are a few of our most recent and most popular videos.

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FEATURED VIDEO: Transforming Mental Health at the Community Level

Hear about the foundation’s strategy from our executive director, Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr. as he discusses our recent shift in focus on individual mental illness to transforming mental health at the community level. Dr. Martinez speaks to the ramifications for our grantmaking, for communities as they strive to improve their own well-being, and for the larger goal of achieving health equity. Hear the full conversation on a recent podcast with Dr. Martinez.


“Something Needs to be Done”
Dr. Frese talks about his involvement with various mental health programs, the issue of forced treatment and criminal justice.

“We Don’t Hire People Like You”
Dr. Frese explains how he came to graduate with a PhD in Psychology, and the challenges of getting a job as a person with mental illness.

“You’re Going There Again”
Dr. Frese notes the importance a trusted person to alert in alerting someone with schizophrenia of early delusion.

“I’m an Escaped Lunatic”
Dr. Frese describes an individual entering psychosis and the feeling of being “overconnected.” Then he tells a story of his last hospitalization.

“Voices of Recovery: The Storytelling Showcase”
Peer support specialists encourage conversations about healing and recovery, and the importance of using your voice to overcome trauma.

“Policy Fellows and the Academy”
Hogg policy fellows discuss their experiences in our policy academy, a program that creates a pipeline of advocates for mental health policy reform.


Amy’s Mental Health Recovery Story
Amy discusses her numberous hospitalizations and the stigma of living with a mental illness. She talks about the feeling of hopelessness until a psychiatrist finally believed that she could get better.

Pat Deegan: Becoming “Doctor Deegan”
Pat Deegan on her struggle with mental illness following a psychotic break in high school. She had resigned to “retire from living” until finally experiencing an internal turning point to better her life.

Pat Deegan: Personal Medicine, Power Statements, and Disruptive Innovations
At the 2014 Robert Lee Sutherland seminar, Pat Deegan talks about her personal story and speaks about hope and recovery.

Larry Davidson: The Evidence Base for Mental Health Recovery”
At the 2014 Robert Lee Sutherland seminar, Dr. Davidson discusses the recovery movement, outcome-based research on “clinical recovery,” as well as the role of personal recovery.

Voices of Recovery: Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy talks about family life and how he stays well following mental illness, including a 12-step program, exercise, and the role of personal relationships.

Tuesday Mahler: From Incarceration to Recovery
Tuesday Mahler, a Certified Peer Specialist at Austin State Hospital, talks about her life in and out of jail, and her eventual diagnosis and path to recovery.