The Hogg Foundation produces a number of different types of videos: interviews with policy experts, testimonials about the experience of being in recovery from mental illness, recordings of conference proceedings, and occasional short documentaries on contemporary or historical topics. Below are a few of our recent videos. For all of our videos, visit our YouTube page.

Psychologist and activist Pat Deegan goes right to the poetic core of her current project, a Web application designed to make “technology work like a bank of Jimi Hendrix Marshall amps blasting my humanity and what matters to me and my resilience to my care team?”

In the 1950s and ’60s, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health led a campaign to reform the state hospital system in Texas. In this video, historian William S. Bush discusses that reform campaign and its role in the establishment of the modern mental health infrastructure in Texas.

In this installment from a series of videos, Dr. Joel Dvoskin passionately argues for an evidence-based, public health approach to addressing gun violence, one that avoids the politics of gun control and doesn’t needlessly stigmatize people with mental health conditions.

As part of a long-term campaign to modernize the state hospital system in Texas, the Hogg Foundation presented its own vision for mental health services in April 1956 with the release of In a Strange Land.

Dr. Larry Davidson, professor of psychology at Yale University School of Medicine, was a keynote speaker at our 2014 Robert Lee Sutherland Seminar, “RLS 18: The State of Mental Health Recovery.”

In this “Voices of Recovery” video, Patrick Kennedy speaks about what he does to stay well. Kennedy represented Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives for 16 years and is the founder of The Kennedy Forum.