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Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

How Teacher Practice Impacts Students

“Each student is different and has his/her own values. I felt a great responsibility to understand each one of them and help them become a better person — a better self they could be proud of.” Every year, the Hogg Foundation gives the Frances Fowler Wallace Memorial...

Integrated Health Care for Foster Youth

“What we set out to do was establish a system that would, in fact, cater to the needs of foster children in one place,” Jacquelyn McMillon says, “and that children did not have to go all over the city of Houston to get the most basic of care.” In 2015, the Texas...

Peer Support in the Criminal Justice System

“Coming out of the criminal system, for many, means starting over with nothing,” Zarate says. “Our objective is to reduce hospitalization, reduce recidivism, and have them be successful in re-entering the community.” The more we learn, the more obvious it seems that...

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