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Advancing Wellness & Recovery in Texas

How do Romantic Partners Adapt to Chronic Illness?

Kristen Farris, a doctoral student in the Communication Studies department at The University of Texas at Austin, has begun her dissertation titled, “Supportive Interactions and Psychosocial Outcomes in the Context of Rheumatic Disorders.” The Hogg Foundation is...

Innovations in Integrated Health Care for Children

Integrated health care is the coordination of physical and behavioral health care. In 2012, Harris County Protective Services (HCPS) received funding from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to plan and implement an integrated health care program for children ages...

The Shame of Texas

This piece was co-authored with Dr. William S. Bush, author of Circuit Riders for Mental Health: The Hogg Foundation and the Transformation of Mental Health in Texas. It originally ran in the Austin American-Statesman and our blog on the Huffington Post. The Texas...

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