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Bridget Lawrence Receives Outstanding Supervisor Award

This morning, the Hogg Foundation’s very own Bridget Lawrence had the great honor of receiving the University of Texas at Austin 2017 President’s Outstanding Supervisor Award. Created to formally commend the excellence of UT’s top-performing employees, the Outstanding...

From the Front Lines of Texas Mental Health Reform

Compared to other states, Texas’ mental health systems and services fall towards the middle of the pack—in its “State of Mental Health in America” report (2017), Mental Health America ranked the quality and accessibility of Texas’ mental...

Dr. Frese on Recovery: “Something Has to Be Done”

When Dr. Fred Frese speaks, you listen. That was just one of many lessons learned last week at the Hogg Foundation’s biannual public forum on mental health, where Dr. Frese delivered a rousing, deeply informative presentation on mental illness and the potential for...

Motherhood and Mental Health

Postpartum depression is not uncommon. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 11-20% of women who give birth each year have postpartum depression symptoms. Sarah Guy, a doctoral student in the School of Nursing at The University of Texas at Austin, and a 2016 recipient of the Hogg Foundation’s Frances Fowler Wallace Award, suggests that those statistics are underestimated because postpartum depression too often goes unrecognized or is not discussed. Continue Reading Motherhood and Mental Health

Improving Academic Achievement Through Mental Health

Since the brain is not fully matured until age 20 or later, most students don’t have fully matured systems of emotional regulation and behavioral control during key educational phases: kindergarten through college. This can be a challenge for teachers and professors who have deep expertise in their specialties, but little training to support student mental health. Continue Reading Improving Academic Achievement Through Mental Health

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