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Mental Health and Media: Stop Raising Awareness Already

“Awareness does not always associate with action or effectiveness,” Carrie Baron says. “Just because you’re aware doesn’t mean that you’re changing the situation.” Earlier this year, an article published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review urged organizations to...

Peer Support in the Criminal Justice System

“Coming out of the criminal system, for many, means starting over with nothing,” Zarate says. “Our objective is to reduce hospitalization, reduce recidivism, and have them be successful in re-entering the community.” The more we learn, the more obvious it seems that...

Improving Health Care Outcomes: It’s About Relationships!

This April 24th article published by the Commonwealth Fund is timely and a must-read. It highlights the challenges of engaging, treating, and supporting persons with multiple, complex, chronic health conditions (defined as three or more health conditions, often...

Bridget Lawrence Receives Outstanding Supervisor Award

This morning, the Hogg Foundation’s very own Bridget Lawrence had the great honor of receiving the University of Texas at Austin 2017 President’s Outstanding Supervisor Award. Created to formally commend the excellence of UT’s top-performing employees, the Outstanding...

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